Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blencathra - a bird's eye view

I've almost completed filming the spring chapter for 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra' now and I'm pleased to say it's all gone extremely well. I'm thrilled in fact. It's been a tough few weeks mind, nailing shots of the fell from near and far at dawn, dusk come wind, rain or shine.

I'll be showing an exclusive 15 minute segment from the documentary tomorrow at a talk I'm doing for the British Mountaineering Council in the Peak District HERE

Last week's trip involved 4am starts and 7pm finishes as I endeavored to capture various angles of Blencathra with a UAV or as commonly referred to "drone". The long days were strictly about me adhering to all the rules and regulations with regards to flying such devices which often meant being out and about when none of the busy Easter holiday daytrippers were slogging up the fells. You can read more about the rules and regs HERE from the Civil Aviation Authority. Sadly as YouTube has shown in recent months, too many folks are not sticking to the CAA's guidelines. Flying too close to the general public, or in some cases with regards to Lakeland not aware of the fact that the RAF regularly train amongst the Cumbrian fells. There's a website where the RAF reveal training days in the area for example so folks like paragliders and what have you understand any possible risks.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BMC Peak District talk and peek at 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'

BMC Terry Abraham hillwalking
See you there?

In a couple of weeks I'll be giving a talk at the British Mountaineering Council's Peak District meet in erm...the Peak District! The event is open and free to all who attend and some free grub will be laid on too. I'll be sharing my thoughts and stories concerning hillwalking and the British countryside along with various clips of my work including an exclusive 15 minute presentation from 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'.

The event is being held at The Maynard in Grindleford from 7.30pm. You can learn more about hillwalking themed talks the BMC are organising at the following linky HERE.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Patience is a virtue - scenic delights of Blencathra

star trails lake district blencathra
Star trails from Jenkin Hill.

I've been back home less than 24 hours and am already planning my next trip to the Lake District to continue filming 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'. The past 12 days or so has been incredibly testing for me on many fronts but the long waits and exhaustion has been worth it.

I'm inclined to say that much of what I've captured so far for my next film exceeds anything I did for 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' but there's still a long way to go yet!

Anyway here are a selection of photos which give a flavour of what I got up too....

Monday, 16 March 2015

Please support 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'

life of a mountain blencathra
A recent scene I captured on video for 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'.

You may or may not have noticed in the side bar on this blog, that I'm currently fundraising for my next film 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra' on Indiegogo. I've raised some of the budget from sponsors and am now seeking the rest with kind support from members of the public. So do please take a look and see if it's of interest to you.

I'm thrilled to reveal that Dan Richards from Lake District Cycling has contributed towards the campaign with some fantastic offers for cycle hire within the national park. Last weekend Dan had helped out a famous guest who planned cycling up Helvellyn - the actor Damian Lewis. He's even got a copy of my recent film 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' too!

Other rewards available on the Indiegogo page include lucky backers featuring in the film! In the coming weeks ahead I hope to offer some more enticing gifts for supporters, so do check in on Indiegogo regularly folks.

actor damian lewis lake district cycling cumbria helvellyn
Damian Lewis collects one of Dan's bikes from Penrith rail station.

Scrolling through the Indiegogo page you'll learn a little more about my plans for Blencathra but needless to say I'm keeping back considerable information to ensure some nice surprises for viewers once the film has been completed.

Monday, 9 March 2015

It's back! 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' on BBC TV

life of a mountain a year on scafell pike critics bbc
Back on the BBC for a repeat run.

Gotta admit I was surprised to discover the other day that my labour of love 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' is being repeated on BBC TV this month. It only had it's terrestrial TV premiere last January. It's still the 60 minute abridged edit of the full film though. No bad thing of course.

I just hope it inspires yet more people to see the area differently or at least strap on their boots and take in the delights of the great outdoors.

Ironic really as when it will be back on the TV (and iPlayer) I'll likely be cooped up in a tent filming 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

A painting comes to life - Yewbarrow by Wastwater

yewbarrow painting by numbers lake district bbc cumbria
The finished painting - Yewbarrow by Wastwater.

A week ago today, David Powell-Thompson and myself attended a public event in the Coronation Hall, Ulverston organised by BBC Radio Cumbria and Up For Arts. 'A Picture of Cumbria' was presented live on radio for the morning which involved members of the public contributing towards a 'painting by numbers' display created by Reeves' artist Geoff Tristram of one of my photos chosen by the BBC.

The idea behind the event was to get locals inspired to the scenic delights of the area coupled with provoking an interest in the arts. I'm pleased to say the event went extremely well with people of all ages grasping a pot of paint and painting a selected area of the canvass with brush in hand.

I have to admit, it was thrilling to see one of my photos come to life as a painting, all from the efforts of the general public. I was immensely proud to say the least. It was also nice bumping into folks sharing their thoughts on my recent film 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike'.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A brief respite from the storms in Wasdale

countess bridge wasdale valley lake district
Countess Bridge and the main valley road in Wasdale at sunset yesterday.

It's been a gloomy few days here in Wasdale so my wife and I have spent much of our time exploring the lower level delights of the area including the wonderful beaches nearby. Even so, there has been the odd hour or two where the clouds have parted and revealed the glories of the valley with some incredible light and contrast...

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A night on Souther Fell filming 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'

Clough Head from Blencathra Lake District wild camping
Clough Head from Souther Fell.

I'm sat here with a cup of tea relaxing in a holiday cottage in Wasdale contemplating where I shall take an easy wander today in the area. Temperatures have dropped, the winds have eased markedly and there's fresh snow on the fells. Perfect hillwalking conditions.

I'm also reflecting on the past week's shoots for 'Life of a Mountain: Blencathra'. Since announcing I've begun filming the documentary my phone and email inbox has been red hot with interest from both the media and public alike. I'll admit it's taken me by surprise. I had no idea to the huge amount of affection people hold what many consider to be the best mountain in the Lake District National Park. No pressure there then!

Earlier in the week, the weather looked less than ideal as I made my way from Scales to Souther Fell for a couple of nights filming. Skies were overcast and grey but as I slowly made my way higher up onto the tops seeking vantage points for my cameras, the clouds began to break with delightful beams of light reaching out to the valley bottoms from the sun. Purely magical!

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