Friday, 14 November 2014

Petition - No zip wire(s) attraction for Glenridding

zip wire attraction glenridding
Nice view eh? Glenridding from Place Fell and map of proposed zip wire attraction.

Please lend your support towards the petition in the following link folks to prevent a long zip wire attraction (four in total) that's sought planning permission to be built in Glenridding, Lake District National Park.

Have a good read on the website to what's been proposed and the background for and against the attraction. Some considerable conflicts of interest going on, and the National Park Authority's handling of this case leaves a lot to be desired to say the least.

My own personal thoughts are this is a bad idea. Unsuitable on so many levels for the area. Hence I've drummed up photos here on this blog to help bring some context to the proposals.

A year or so ago, the Honister Slate Mine in Borrowdale applied to construct a similar attraction. In truth I was indifferent to the whole idea. It's an industrial site, noisy, receives lots of traffic etc and would've been positioned where an old industrial zip wire was many years ago. There was a great deal of debate and controversy over Honister’s application yet the National Park Authority turned it down. Sir Chris Bonnington famously resigned from his position as vice president of ‘Friends of the Lake District’ over their stance opposing the proposal. Arguably, it was a suitable site for such an attraction when push comes to shove and I don’t think it was as bad as some conservationists made out.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Scafells film wins award and it's going on the BBC

scafell pike film award winner
Looking coy....which shocks some of my close friends who know me differently!

"Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike is a masterpiece....scenes keep playing in my mind. It's a wonderful, visually poetic romance; a love song to a mountain and it's people. Congratulations on an amazing achievement."
Author Kev Reynolds

I'm pleased to reveal that my film 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' has won an award for excellence from the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild a couple of weeks ago. I'll admit I was shocked and rather moved by the recognition - hence I appear rather coy in the above photo upon receiving a certificate, prize and praise from folks I've always looked up to and admired from afar in the outdoors media.

2014 has been a heck of a year for me in so many ways, words would fail to describe here on this humble blog. The Scafells film or "my baby" as is often quoted of me, really was a labour of love and long held ambition of mine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would resonate with so many people out there and be the success it has become.

And to top it all off, thanks to an accidental leak in the next issue of The Great Outdoors Magazine I'm compelled to reveal the news that the BBC will be screening an abridged edit of the film next year on TV and iPlayer!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New DVDs available now featuring Chris Townsend and Mark Richards

The best of the Lake District on DVD.

My latest Lakeland DVDs 'Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend' and 'Helvellyn with Mark Richards' are now available to buy from Striding Edge HERE.

There's even a boxset that includes 'Life of a Mountain: Scafell Pike' too.

Below you can watch trailers for each, with some brief blurb on what the DVDs are about.


The author of the best selling Backpacker’s Handbook takes us on a high level trek through the Borrowdale summits in a programme full of hints, tips, techniques and equipment for enjoyable, comfortable and safe wild camping.

Perfectly paced the viewer is immersed in iconic locations and spectacular vistas while Townsend gently imparts a lifetime of learning in possibly the finest classroom in England - The Lake District National Park.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Review - The all new Dog and Gun pub, Keswick

dog and gun keswick lake district
The shiny new Dog and Gun pub in Keswick.

"They've replaced a real Lakeland pub with a counterfeit version of itself!". @Neiltribe

Below is an amended post I did on Facebook recently reviewing the newly refurbished Dog and Gun pub in Keswick, Lake District. I've just returned from a weeks trip in Glenridding and so during that period I popped over to check out the transformation of this legendary walkers and climbers hostelry 

I must admit the refurbishment isn't as bad as I imagined (some thoughts HERE in a previous post) but I'm afraid to say it's lost ALL of it's rustic charm, historical character and heart to the tides of corporate tastes. Read on....

Feature Post - 'Fell Walking Gear: Footwear for the Hills'

e outdoors footwear berghaus hi-tec karrimor
Footwear in the great outdoors.

Before you begin your walk, it’s important to complete your tick list of equipment and essentials. A lightweight waterproof, breathable walking socks, base layers / mid layers and outer layers, walking sticks and walking gloves, a lightweight and comfortable-to-carry rucksack, hat or headgear, food and ample water, or a first aid kit; these are all vital elements of a hiker’s inventory. And we certainly can’t forget – one of the most important pieces of outdoor gear – the right walking boots.

When fell walking or hill walking, the perfect walking boots should be durable and hardwearing, and most vitally, comfortable for all-day wear. Protecting your feet is extremely important for any outdoor sport as painful injuries such as inflammation of the Plantar Fasciae or Achilles Tendinopathy can occur at any time.

Read on to see a quick guide on buying footwear for the hills.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

A Rant: End of an era. The Dog and Gun in Keswick

dog and gun keswick
The charming and legendary Dog and Gun, Keswick.

Well, it's that time again - another rant concerning a subject that is close to my heart. It is with great sadness to see the end of an era for a cherished and legendary walkers pub in Keswick - The Dog and Gun. A place that only very recently been nominated in the TGO Awards for 'pub of the year' which is rather ironic as you're about to see.

I've got many happy memories of times spent in this traditional Lakeland establishment over the years. Often consisting of necking several locally brewed ales, followed by stuffing my face with their famous Hungarian goulash - all post hikes from the nearby fells. In the winter months you would often see me propping up the bar while video kit was on charge in a socket nearby. I've held meetings there, insisted on social gatherings there, for what I feel without a doubt was the best pub in Keswick.

It's quirky character, traditional feel with beer mat laden walls, old oak beams and a fab mix of locals and tourists made The Dog and Gun for many the place to go when visiting the Lake District. The pub has a long history of promoting and supporting the local mountain rescue team too. I could go on....

Friday, 10 October 2014

TRAILER: 'Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend'

It's here! Finished at long last. Above you can enjoy the trailer for 'Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend'. I've been busy working 20-22 hour shifts editing the DVD ready for it's print run. I'm absolutely shattered. I appear to have aged 10 years in just a few days!

From the author of the bestselling 'Backpacker's Handbook', renowned long-distance hiker Chris Townsend, comes 'Backpacking in the Lake District' an introductory guide to wild camping and multi-day hiking. Featuring dramatic landscape vistas, spectacular camp sites, advice on skills and gear this video will provide inspiration and encouragement and will be enjoyed by both beginners and veterans alike.

Produced and Directed by Terry Abraham
Presented by Chris Townsend
Music by Freddiehangoler, Soundgem Studios

In association with:
Terra Nova and Extremities



Filmed on location in the Lake District National Park, England.

Both 'Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend' and 'The Lake District. Helvellyn with Mark Richards' will be available to pre-order from mid-October via www.stridingedge.com

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Almost there! 'Backpacking in the Lake District with Chris Townsend'

chris townsend wild camping dvd lake district terra nova viewranger
On sale on DVD and digital early November.

Not long to go now. The end is in sight but I'm still ploughing on. I've completed editing 'Helvellyn with Mark Richards' and am now in the final stages for a new DVD featuring renowned wild camper, Chris Townsend called 'Backpacking in the Lake District'.

I'm pleased to say that despite juggling two productions at once - which is a first for me, they're both turning out rather well. They both mark a break away in style for me in truth. And Chris in particular really shines in this recent collaboration. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you in the future.

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